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[IP] Re: Leaving Old Sets in During Site Changes?

Hi Beth!

>From what I know, the people who do this just leave
the old site in place (for a few hours) and just put a
new site in in a different place. 

The reasoning behind doing this is so that the insulin
will pool under the skin and (hopefully) a high bg
will be avoided after the site change. It is just as
easy to add in a little extra insulin when you fill
the cannula. It does the exact same thing except that
you don't have to remember to take out the old site
(I've heard of people forgetting to do that). It all
boils down to a matter of preference. 

take care, Kerri

--- bethmcmillen <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you please explain to me how you leave in the
> old site for a few hours when you do a site change?
> Thank you,
> Beth (son Robbie, 7, dx 5/00, Type I, Toronto, MM508
> QuickSets 12/01)

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