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Re: [IP] Support Group Ideas (long)

Thanks Leeann,

We are lucky to have each other!!  I helped put things in motion, but a group
is only as good as its members and this is a GREAT group <g> It sure helps
that we have the IP as a source of inspiration and education.

Hopefully we will continue to grow.  This is such a proactive bunch.  Funny
thing happens once people see the difference a pump makes, they get excited
and want to share their good fortune (and lack of sleep).  Organizing and
chairing a support group for this bunch is amazing.  Being around these people
is a joy.  Even when they come with bags under their eyes which droop to their
chin, they have such a positive outlook.  Most of our members are parents of
new pumpers from our Children's hospital and the numbers just continue to

I commend Jan, Carolynn Green, and all the others who are hosting support
groups for their work in organizing such events.  I remember looking for some
input when I was considering starting a pump support group here in Nova
Scotia.   Carolynn gave me lots of tips.  Darrin Parker is such an
inspiration& a friend to me.  Michael Robinton, well, I can't say enough about
him.  The IP is the Grandaddy of pump support and Michael is one in a million.
And Jan, when we run out of new ideas, I will be calling on you!  Meeting
Number 4 is just around the corner and I am always asking the members for
ideas.  When we get to the end of our list you will be getting an email!
Hmmmm...perhaps the IP could have a page with support group ideas and
suggestions that we could all benefit from.  Just a suggestion for an already
overworked admin but it would make our job easier LOL!

Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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