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Re [IP] Support Group Ideas (long)

For Jan and anybody else who might be interested in support group ideas.  Our
group here in Nova Scotia is open to pumpers and non-pumpers alike, and is
supported by the Canadian Diabetes Assoc, with offers of support to come  from
pump companies.  They are eager to help.

Here are some topics we have/are covering in meetings
buying and selling used pumps
scales for measuring carbs
reliOn Monitor
disability taxcredit (canada)
Pump companies sponsoring meetings
tips & tricks
Meter representatives
new pumps
infusion sets - information on purchasing/prices/etc (I do updated prices
lists with suppliers names/contacts every 4-6 months)
accessories for pump wear
Frio Pump Wallet
air travel for diabetics
getting the dust out
Novo Rapid Insulin (Novolog in US)
insurance coverage to purchase pump
house insurance covering pump
using the safety loop
excessive heat
at the beach
batteries - where to buy, how to make packs for Disetronic
books and self help sites
using temp basals
celiac disease and diabetes
kids and pumping
alternating sites
dilution of insulin
topical freezing agents/ice
CPeptide trials
using used test strips to test pop
counting carbs
glycemic index
learning curves
Our next meeting we will be going over my *tips and tricks* page from my
website and updating it.  That will take a while <g>

I hold a meeting every two months on a Sunday afternoon because we have
travellers attending who drive over an hour to attend. During that two month
period I keep my eyes open for *new* things, and anything relating to old
business from previous agendas on the internet and in conversation with
companies.  The pump companies have supplied me with literature, some for the
grab table, and some workbooks which I have for lend (starting next meeting).
I am given, or purchase products that are new/popular, for our own use and the
information of the members.  I have many catalogues, business cards,
brochures, etc., that I have received from companies over the past few

I have an agenda for each meeting, and we start each meeting with 30 minutes
of open floor for people who are there to ask questions about pumping.  The
people interested in pumping are invited to stay for the meeting, and after
asking questions at the beginning, they are a little less confused as we cover
the topics.  We then turn to the topics on the agenda (which I email/mail to
everybody prior to the meeting), and people are asked to bring any information
they may have on the topics. .  We than take a break midway through (it is a 3
hr meeting and sometimes that is not enough!) and the break is followed by a
guest speaker or rep.  Following that, we finish up the topics which were
introduced in the beginning and open the floor for any discussion.  I like
having the break midway through because that allows people to approach others
if they want information on a particular topic before we continue the meeting,
have some coffee & goodies.    Also, I have scheduled the meeting around a
family swim that children can attend and have recently been given the name of
a volunteer young adult diabetic who wants to work with the kids......in and
out of the pool hopefully!

I pass out a copy of the agenda to everyone attending, even though they have
an email copy, because on the back of the agenda I have a link to every topic.
It may be a phone number, website, name, but it enables the members to look
further on the topic if they wish.  Also, each member is given a name tag, so
we can remember who we are talking to, and after the meeting I send out
*minutes*, and a listing of the members who were at the meeting who are open
for phone calls and/or emails.  It is a way of fostering links within the
group and keeping in touch with people who are not on the internet.

I also do a newsletter with local/national/international events/info on it,
and that is posted on my website.

In the near future I am hoping to have a time during the meeting for
bartering/sales/donations.  I stress that I am not responsible for any
exchanges/sales, but will just supply people with the opportunity to exchange

I think that is it......or most of it anyway :)  Hope this helps.

Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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