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[IP] re: Public Swimming & Pumping?

<<"bethmcmillen" <email @ redacted>
How do you handle public swimming and pumping?  I was going to do a site
change after the swim and disconnect completely.  We are using QuickSets.
Should I disconnect and leave the site in?  Or, should I totally remove the

Disconnect but leave the site in.  The chlorine in the pool seemed to
take care of any concerns we had with site infections, plus the valve
on the QuickSet is not supposed to let anything into the cannula when
the top part is disconnected.   If we did a site change after every time
Luke swam, it would make the summer a lot less fun.

Luke swam every day this summer in a public pool with a QuickSet site -
no issues with it.  As Jim suggested, do be sure to check at least every
hour that he's swimming.  And we usually check before swimming to make
sure Luke doesn't need any carbs to help his exercise (a la "Pumping

Have fun!
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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