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Re: [IP] insurance question and extra supplies to give away

Amee Woodard wrote:
>>>First, does anyone have life insurance, and if so, did you get it after
your diagnosis with D?  >>>

When I was in high school (mid '50s) an insurance man came to talk to one of
our classes. I asked if a DMer could get ins. He said, "Insurance is like
salvation, you have to have it before you need it."  I did get a $2,500
policy through my work a couple years later. When I left that job I
continued the policy (and still am 40+ yrs later). They have certainly made
their money off of me! But that's the only way I knew to get a policy -
through a group plan at work.

>>> It doesn't make sense to me that these companies will insure a 50 year
old with no medical questions, but they won't take me, 20 years old and in
good control, when I must
surely have more years left to pay into the account than an elderly person

ummmmmm - let's talk about that *elderly person at 50* in about 30 years.
<VBG> I do think they need to reestablish some guidelines about this. I have
a 'net friend who recently died at 36 (DMer 25 yrs). Not everyone is in good
control and we are all lumped together.

>>> Any suggestions on a company that I should try? I'm just thinking a
little ahead and trying to plan for the future a little.>>>

This is wise planning. My advice (an old-timer, however) is to get a job
with a company that has a good group plan and cannot turn you down. Same
with health insurance. (~_^)

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