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Re: [IP] Public Swimming & Pumping?

My daughter wears an Animas pump, which is water proof, so she usually stays 
connected when in a pool.  We do use the Quick-Sets, though, and since you'll 
need to disconnect your MM pump, I'd think you'd want to leave the set in 
during the party so that when you check BGs during the party you can 
re-connect (out of the water, obviously) and easily bolus for any food eaten 
or to replace som of the basal he won't be getting whiel he's swimming.   But 
you could also, just use shots if needed during the party . . . depends what 
you and your son want to do, and how long the party is, and how much a drops 
while he's swimming . . .

Have fun!

Pumpmama to Katie
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