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RE: [IP] Basal Rates

I just started pumping in Dec. 2001.  My trainer gave me this formula.
Total daily dose(TDD)-30%.  Take that total and divide by 2.  One half
will be your basal for the day and the other half will be your bolus for
the day.  Divide the first half by 24(hrs in a day)and then the other
half, divide by 3(for meals).  I was on 57 TDD before pump.  I dropped
to 32 on pump.  My basals started at .7 (around the clock at
first...then I tweaked them)  and the boluses were 6 per meal.  I was
able to drop them to 4.5 per meal(for normal sized meals and with no
corrections). I am not an expert(like a lot of these members are).
However, I have learned a lot from the practical wisdom of everyone
here.  Docs can do a lot, but those of us doing it each day have great

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