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Re: [IP] Diabetics and the Abdominizer!

Those things have actually been around for a while but
seem to be gaining in popularity. It's my
understanding that they work best in conjunction with
aerobic exercise (not used at the exact same time, but
used as a supplement to other exercising you are
doing.) This is the same type of thing we've been
using on Joseph (now almost 10mos old) to keep the
muscles in his arm from atrophying until the damaged
brachial plexus nerves aka erb's palsy (located at the
neck/shoulder junction) completely heal and
regenerate. Depending on the settings we use, it is
also stimulates those nerves so they WILL grow and
regenerate, which they have done very nicely. He has
all the function back in it now with only a very minor
difference in how high he can raise that arm vs the
other one (and his PT says that in time, they will be
the same). It definitely works!

take care, Kerri - thinking of hooking his machine to
my abs! ;)

Sylvia said:
...Anyway, this doc said that YES those new Abs things
work because they are fashioned after the electronic
stimulous machines that PTs use to help rebuild muscle
tissue after injury or illness. I just bought one and
will be trying it.  Just think, exercising while using
the computer!!!!  YIPEEEEE

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