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Re: [IP] Advant Edge Carb control bar

Kathy B wrote:
> Anyone hear or try the Advant Edge Carb Control nutrition bar yet?  It's
got only 1 gr of carbs (this is for trial size) and 8 gr. of
protein...<snip> So now when I want something "sweet" I can eat this w/o any
guilt!!! Kathy B. >>>

Patrick Job wrote:
>>I find it much easier to properly deal with a
straight sweet rather than these high protein items.>>

Pat, I agree. I know Kathy is on a low -protein diet and when I was on a
similar diet I was allowed only 51g of protein a day!! Add in each gram
available even in green beans and your daily quota is quickly gone!!! I
missed milk the most and had to have Carnation Liquid Creamer. Uggghhh!
:-P~~~ I'd gladly give up an Advant Edge Carb Control bar for some milk. I
can bolus for the carbs. YMMV (~_^)

Jan - whose nephrologist told her to get off that low-protein diet since it
worked with rats and humans aren't rats. In the 1.5 yrs on it I still lost
15% - it's taken 8 yrs to lose another 20% while being off of it.
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