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Re: [IP] Novolog vs Humalog and problems with teflon cannulas?


  We had a terrible time when Josh, then 8 and now 10, started pumping.  His 
sites went bad after about 36 hours and did leave the lumps and bimps.  But I 
head about mixing a little Regular in with the Humalog and that was an 
INSTANT cure for the site problem and the lumps and bumps.  Also I use a 
little dab of over the counter antibiotic oinment on every site after I clean 
it and Josh's skin looks great after 2 years pumping.  Even his endo notices 
that lack of scarring.

We started out with the Tenders but switched over to the MM Soft set Micros 
(only 6mm long)  Plus MM has the insertion device (Yes, we are on th H-Tron 
but use MM sets!)  We had another instant 'cure' for most of the rest of our 
problems, including horrible site changes for BOTH of us.  The 6mm canula is 
perfect for Josh who is VERY skinny and we prefer the 90 degree angle vs the 
long 15-30 degree angle.  Of course this is just us but what you have 
described sounds SOOOO familiar!

Oh we did switch to Novolog in Nov. and now I don't have to mix insulins and 
Josh has no pain on bolusing either.  But Novolog is not for everyone....YMMV!

Write to me personally if you want to continue this conversation off list!

Good luck!

mom to Joshua who now uses MM's Quick sets and REALLLY love them even more!
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