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Re: [IP] Novolog vs Humalog and problems with teflon cannulas?

I tried Novolog on my five year old son last week. We had been having
trouble with his sites going bas after 2 days with Humalog. The first site
with Novolog lasted 3 days. I thought great - problem solved! But boy was I
wrong!! The next site went bad after two days, and the next after only 1
day. To top it off, when the site went bad it left lumps under his skin (is
that considered hypertrophy?).  I concluded that my son has a sensitivity to
Novolog and can not use it. In fact, I wonder if he has developed a problem
with teflon cathedars (we've been using Tenders) and the Novolog just
brought on a reaction faster than the Humalog. I switched back to Humalog
last night and am using Rapids for a while. It is too early to tell yet what
the problem really is. Has anyone out there had problems with teflon? If so,
what was your reaction like?

I'm not sure if it could be relevant, but on Humalog we dilute. On the
Novolog since there is no diluent available we could not dilute. The only
difference I see on this affecting the sites is the volume that goes into it
(about 10 units a day on the u100 Novolog versus 20 units a day on the u50
Humalog) and the chemical reaction with the cathedar and tubing - which I
don't remember enough about my chemistry to come up with any good theories.
Anyone else have a clue?

Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/00) and Celia (7 and non-diabetic)
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