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[IP] my foot problem

I have a question for anyone who has dealt with a foot problem.  A few weeks 
ago I noticed one toe was quite red.  (It's always been more red than my 
other toes, but has never concerned my endocrinologist who checks every 3 
months.)  I watched it for a few days and when it didn't get better, I called 
the only podiatrist my endocrinologist sends patients to.  He wanted to see 
me immediately, which he does with every diabetic.  He said it looked to be 
infected, asked if I'd had any injury, new shoes, etc.  I didn't remember 
hurting it in any way and had no new shoes.  He prescribed an antibiotic for 
one week and said to call if it wasn't better when the pills were gone.  It 
seemed to be a tiny bit better after the antibiotics, but was still red.  I 
called, went back in the same day and he took x-rays which showed nothing 
wrong.  He said he was really stumped, but to call immediately if I developed 
pain or it got more red.  

There has never been pain, but the redness is still there.  Not as bad as it 
was when I first called, but red nonetheless.     

Has anyone had anything like this?  And does anyone have advise for me?

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