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RE: [IP] help and information from list members

>>>I was in DKA and lactic acidosis 2 yrs ago (ICU for 3 days).  My mother
said that I smelled like the "acetone" that everyone always describes. I
didn't really notice it, but then, I was very ill.  She said you could
smell my breath feet away from me.>>>

One doesn't usually smell one's own breath anyhoo.

>>>I think someone posted here previously that they always smelled "fruity"
and thought that maybe some people were just like that. >>>

I could have been the one who often had fruity-smelling breath (mom told me
years later). If I were that person I do not think *some people are just
like that* - it means there is a problem and Mom was not concerned. She did
subtly refer to my early demise often and it was just expected I wouldn't
continue living. The fruity breath only proved her point at the time. (~_~)

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