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Re: [IP] Novolog vs Humalog

> Is it true that those patients using the MiniMed pump benefit more
> from Novolog (a buffered insulin) in terms of longer lasting sites? 
> I was told that Disetronic users should see no improvement with
> Novolog because of D's 3 minute delivery of basal insulin.  Because
> insulin (either Humolog or Novolog) is moving every 3 minutes it has
> no time to crystalize in the tubing.  In the MM pump, if Humolog is
> used, the insulin can crystalize and lose potency because of the
> longer time it spends in the tubing without moving.

Sensitivity to Humalog has nothing to do with the model pump you use. 
The problem is related to infusing insulin analog into the same 
tissue and the body's reaction to the "foreign" substance.
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