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Re: [IP] Heather is a lucky girl!

In a message dated 1/19/02 8:58:16 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< the use of this language on a list with kids as 
members seems inappropriate to me......the message would have been the same 
without the expletive >>

I'm sure the message was not meant to offend. And I'm also positive that kids 
would hear that word and many other expletives by simply going out in public 
or even to school. In fact, I probably heard more swear words in Sunday 
school than any other place as a child. Also, I recall threads about adult 
subjects such as intimacy and sleeping together on this board that have 
undoubtedly helped numerous adult members and undoubtedly should be part of 
this forum. I suppose the administrators could consider breaking up the list 
according to these types of subjects or by age. Anyone else have thoughts?
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