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Re: [IP] Chinese food

I recently started dating a (wonderful) Chinese man. He's a great cook who
has been feeding me while I study for my on-going architecture licensure
exams. I've tried watching carefully while he cooks to figure out carbs, but
it's tricky - pinches of sugar get sprinkled in somewhat randomly. I suspect
that restaurants use even more. Linda's "fudge" factor sounds like a good
strategy. I think I used a little higher one the last time he cooked (a more
spicy, less sweet dish than two nights prior) and ended up just a little low
I've found similar issues eating at a local Thai restaurant as well.
I guess, as usual,  it all comes down to checking your b.g. and correcting
as necessary.

Heather & Righteous Babe.

> When calculating my carbs for chinese/mexican/thai food etc I use the
> factor. I figure the carbs - then I add 10-15 to the total and bolus for
> - - seems to work pretty well - and sometimes if I am a little high I then
> bolus a bit to cover.
> Linda & Dax
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