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Re: [IP] Re: Low blood sugar is no reason...


  As a non D parent of a D child I have some understanding because I was dxd 
with hypoglycemia in 1980.  I suffer severe headaches when I skip meals, I 
get light headed, dizzy almost to the point of blacking out, and the nausea 
is sometimes so severe that I do vomit.  I do NOT have D. but I have worn the 
pump (saline), counted carbs, checked BGs and kept a log book to help me 
better understand what it is my son has to deal with on a day to day basis.  
But in this case it was also my way of helping Josh get over his site change 
fears. so he changed my sites for two weeks.  I NEED to understand as fully 
as I possibly can, but when push comes to shove, NO I do not have diabetes 
and will never truly know what it is like having it.  But I DO know what it 
is like being the parent of a child with diabetes.  That's got to count for 

mom to Joshua
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