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Re: [IP] Children, parents and D

Amy Anderson,

  As the only mother that my Joshua will ever have let me tell you I will 
NEVER walk away from him, especially concerning his diabetes.  The diabetes 
is NOT his fault nor is it Mine, but we both have to deal with it.  I do not 
let the diabetes get used as a a crutch nor do I let it get used as an 
excuse.  I did ask this list about dealing with my doubts on always blaming 
the D. (well, let me rephrase and say a LOT of the time bu t not always!) on 
certain behaviors.  Yes, I have come to recognize certain aspects of certain 
behaviors as beeing just plain onery (SP?) or just plain BG trouble.  Josh, 
being only 10, has not gotten to the point where he rebels too much about 
having to check his BGs when I ask.  But then, on the few occassions he has 
my straight answer to his refusal is?  "  That's OK son, don't check.  Oh, 
hey, you might as well start packing a bag for when I have to take you to the 
hospital though.  Can you do that for me?"  And each time I say that he 
reluctantly but without any words goes and checks his BGs.  Then when he 
confirms my worries of being out of whack he does what he has to do and 
within a half hour he id fine and all is forgotten.  Keep in mind the  ONLY 
time (knock on wood) that Josh has been in the hospital is at dxd 4.5 years 
ago.  And I've never had to use glucogon on him either...came close once or 
twice!  So I think whatever we are doing it much be working but the other 
night I was having so many doubts about always thinking it must be the D. 
making him act a certain way.  I guess I've always had trouble trusting my 
instincts.  Shoot I actually followed my instincts when I took him in and he 
was dxd.  I guess I need to rely on them more often and hope that I know 
enough to do AND say the right thing.

   And Darrin, I NEVER would even consider punishing or blaming Josh on highs 
and lows.  This disease has a mind of its own and you are right, as a child 
of 10 he is just now learning more and more responsibilities but he is NOT an 
adult and even if he was if he was really high or really low he is no longer 
in control...the diabetes is.  That is why having a good support system in 
place, as a child or an adult, is SOOOO very important.

  No, Amy, this mom will NEVER walk away!  I'm sorry your's did.  No child 
should have to go through that.  I hope you have a good source of comfort in 
your life now!

mom to Josh FOREVER
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