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Re: [IP] email @ redacted

<< Could you tell me how you Knew rather found out you had a thyroid 
prob.???your symptoms etc.???thanks so much
 Debi jackson >>

Hi Debi,

I was very tired and dragged-out (ready for bed at 7pm no matter how much 
sleep I'd had), had noticeably lost my short-term memory (and I'm only 43), 
had less ability to concentrate, and my body had inappropriate responses to 
temperature--so I asked my endo to test my thyroid.  

The results came back with high antibodies, which is the marker for 
Hashimoto's Disease (the autoimmunine thyroid disease).  I am also low in T4 
and FTI (a test that shows the amount of thyroid available to be used by your 
cells).  Curiously, my TSH--the typical marker for thyroid problems--is 
low-normal.  However, all the Web info I've gathered says that results like 
mine indicate a case of "secondary" or "tertiary" hypothyroidism--this is 
when the reduced thyroid function is caused by a faulty pituitary or the 
hypothalamus, not the thyroid gland itself.

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