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Re: [IP] Children, parents and D

In a message dated 1/18/02 9:07:21 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< The last time I almost left this world was when my Mom walked away from me.
 I never saw her cry over my diagnosis, I never heard her explain why she
 insisted that I test my blood sugars, I never heard her express any emotion
 other than anger. She was angry that I had this disease and projected that
 onto me.  >>
Amy:  My son has had diabetes since age 2 and is now 15.  I have met many, 
many parents of children with diabetes and I really think that most cannot 
"handle" the fact that their child has this disease.  Many parents of kids 
who got the disease when they were teens never learned how to give shots.  
The kids handle their d. themselves.  I know that these parents love their 
children and care what happens to them, but for some reason they are not 
emotionally strong to deal with it themselves, let alone be strong, positive 
and supportive for their child.  
   I've been on the local board of JDF for almost 12 years and for years I 
couldn't understand why parents of kids with d. didn't want to be involved in 
helping find the cure.  Then I realized that a lot of people have their 
limits in how much they can handle.  It was just too much for them.  It 
doesn't mean they don't care though.  
   I'm sure your mother loved and cared about you.  She was just so angry 
about the disease and that you got it.  She probably couldn't handle it.  For 
example, my hairdresser was diagnosed as a teen.  When I told her that I get 
up at night to check on my son occasionally, she was shocked.  She said her 
parents never learned anything and never got up in the middle of the night to 
check on her.  She was only 13 at diagnosis and felt alone and ashamed 
because no one else she knew had it.  Her parents just didn't realize how 
much she needed their support.
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