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[IP] Kids testing and wanting snacks

after hearing you all talk about teenagers testing and wanting to eat a snack:
I usually negotiate with myself, but as an adult, wanting an afternoon snack.
I tell myself that I can have a snack when by BG is around 90 but around 150,
no snack for me. My diabetes educator always taught me to test-rationalize if
you need a supplimental bolus-add the carbs of the snack then bolus. At 90, I
try to make food choices ranging around 15-20 carbs so I can give .5 or 1.0,
depending on your own carb to insulin ratio. I don't want to "spoil my dinner"
plus keep me level until supper time.

Just thought I would give some food for thought. Teens are a challenge and my
thoughts are with you! Sharon
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