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[IP] Medic Alert Scam

I just wanted everyone to be aware of Medic Alert's policy.

If you go to their website (http://www.medicalert.org) you will notice that
they charge $35 for the Medic Alert service and they provide a stainless
steel bracelet for free ("no cost"). You can purchase different bracelets
including their new sports bracelets for an additional fee.

My son is a member of Medic Alert and we opted to purchase the gold bracelet
when we joined. The cost was $35 for the service and $40 for the bracelet.

Today the bracelet broke and fell off his arm and we have been unable to
locate it. I called Medic Alert to get a replacement and was told that I
would have to pay the membership fee again. Our membership is current, and
doesn't expire for awhile. Of course I argued that I shouldn't have to pay
the annual membership fee since we have a membership and that I should only
have to pay for the bracelet. The operator said that they could not do that,
nor could they provide us with the free bracelet as a replacement (with us
LOSING money) either.

I asked to speak to a supervisor (Theresa Abraham), and explained to her
that we needed a replacement since Tarek's bracelet broke. She restated what
the operator did, that I would have to pay the membership again even though
our membership was current. Essentially, if we wanted the "free" bracelet,
we had to pay the $35 membership fee, if we wanted an "upgrade" we would
have to pay the $35 membership fee and the cost of the bracelet. She said
this would apply to anyone, you have to pay for a membership and a bracelet,
you can't just buy additional bracelets.

I eventually talked her down, refusing to pay the membership fee again. So I
am getting the same bracelet for only the bracelet price. She did tell me
that if I had to call in again, that they would not do this (discount??!!)

I did tell her that I was going to pass on my experience to CWD and IP, and
she said that was fine with her. But to also pass on that they provide their
SERVICE and their BRACELETS for FREE to people that can't pay. Wow! Now,
while I think that is a fine endeavor! I realize that THEY aren't providing
this service, paying members are!! If we have to replace a bracelet, or we
want a second/back-up bracelet, we have to pay for the membership fee
multiple times!

It's a scam of the worst order. Taking advantage of people who need to call
attention to a medical condition in the case of an emergency.

Want to tell them what you think? Their email addy is
mailto:email @ redacted

Mom to Tarek, age 9, IDDM, dx 11-16-1998
Pumping DTron since 1-12-2001
Now living in Denver, Colorado
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