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RE: [IP] Re: Seven day site

"jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>I've been pumping 18.5 years and consistently go 4-5 days (mostly 5). A
>difference might be my total daily dose is about 30 units. *I* think a site
>that has a lot more insulin than that over time would deteriorate more
>So, my advice would be to use caution and wisdom without risking infection
>for an experiment (speaking from experience with a 10-day site). YMMV 

I know that I use more insulin.  Along the lines of 80-90 units per day.  I go about 3-4 days.  When I was pregnant with my last child, though, I was using about 3 times that much.  My sites barely lasted a day and so I finally compromised total "pumping" for just pumping my basals and taking my bolus by injection so that I wasn't blazing through tubing so fast.  This is undoubtedly a YMMV situation, but the biggest problem with going too long at a site is the tunneling that can cause insulin to leak out.  

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