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Re: [IP] Do thyroid meds affect insulin needs?

>>>I just started on Unithroid 2 days ago for hypothyroidism (I have
Disease).  Have any of you found that it severely decreased your insulin
needs?   <snip> Can anyone on synthetic thyroid tell me if you experienced
the same thing?  <snip> (They usually say you
won't feel a difference from the thyroid meds for 1-3 weeks.) Leeann >>>

I have been on Synthroid/Levothyroxin since '78 and that was before home BGs
so I don't have a clue if it affected BGs or not. We just *lived* and
treated lows as necessary back then with one shot a day. But your sentence
in parentheses is what I want to address. The *usually* is the key word in
that statement.

When I had a complete hysterectomy (age 40) I was given a hormone shot and I
believe it caused problems. The effect was to last about 6 wks. About 4-5
wks. later I was standing in the grocery checkout line and had 9 hot
flashes. It was awful. I called the dr. from there and it was almost 5:00
p.m. He wanted me to come in to get another shot - I did not want one,
preferred trying the pills. He said they wouldn't take affect for a few
weeks. Didn't matter, didn't want another hormone shot. He called an Rx in
and I went over to get it. My hot flashes were gone by the next day.

Bottom line? YMMV!!! Your mileage may vary. I have had other things happen
to me way out of the norm - it's just me. I think they also say if you
forget to take Thyroid med one day you'll notice it. (~_^)

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