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[IP] Children, parents and D

>From a child who almost died several times...
The last time I almost left this world was when my Mom walked away from me.
I never saw her cry over my diagnosis, I never heard her explain why she
insisted that I test my blood sugars, I never heard her express any emotion
other than anger. She was angry that I had this disease and projected that
onto me. Being the stubborn teen I was, I retaliated by never testing,
hardly ever taking my shots, living on Coke (reg) and swiss cake rolls. I
was in and out of the hospital for DKA every 6 months from age 15 to 20.
During one emergency room visit my mom decided she had enough and walked
away as the nurse was putting the 3paddles2 at the foot of my bed.

I believe that if my mom had shared her fears, doubts, and insecurities with
me that my disease and my relationship with her would have developed
differently. She did not leave me in a physical sense, but in an emotional
sense I was without my mom9s unconditional love. Now, she has health
problems and blames them on the stress I caused her as a teen. I do not
trust her or turn to her for advice.

So, why am I sharing all of this? Partly because reading all these emails
has my emotions just bent out of whack and I need to vent. Partly because I
see all of the comments and opinions that this group has raised, each of
them with own points of validity and perspectives, and I am amazed that none
of you has walked away. Please don9t.
Amy B. Anderson
email @ redacted
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