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[IP] "02 Clin Practice Recs, Checking BG's & 508's clicking

Hi all,
In case some haven't received this, here's a link to the "ADA's 2002 Clinical
Practice Recommendations " index:
or try this if above doesn't work:
if neither work, please E-mail me privately and I'll try to get you a working

Have been following the concern about giving kids the "wrong message" when
they're moody and you suggest testing.  I think all the advice about checking
when in doubt is sooo important, and applies to everyone.  Understanding that
testing is a most valuable tool for the best control over D is very important,
and accepting that mood changes can relate to out of whack levels is a basic
principle for everyone to learn.  Yeah, if you tend to be a very moody person,
it will be less valuable.
Even when one is diagnosed in adulthood, there's the same kind of response for
a while if testing is suggested.  The key point is to reinforce zeroing in on
blood sugar level, not just mood.  Hubby used to become really mad if I
noticed a mood problem and suggested testing.  Finally, a light bulb lit in
his head that 99% of the time when I suggested testing, his level was out of
whack.  It's not a real issue any more-was still when he was on MDI's and
would have those out of the blue lows unless he was so very low and out of it
that I just ducked and treated.
As to the 508's clicking, Hubby finds it reassuring to know the "juice" is
being infused.  Usually, neither he nor I notice it unless we really make an
effort.  No one else has ever asked, "What's that clicking noise?", and even
have had friends listen to hear it when he's bolused who've said, "What
clicking?".  Guess it's all what you can tolerate, huh?
Marj of Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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