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[IP] clicking 508 and leaking site

<this is the reason you were told it leaked? rapid injection?>

<Beverly A large bolus for me is 4.0 units And I was never told it leaked I
could see insulin leaking out of the site!>

Just out of curiousity - have you tried different infusion sets?  Some have a
much longer cannula than others and maybe one of the other sets would not
cause the "leaking" you are talking about?  Just call the companies and they
will send you a couple free samples to try - or call your endo for free
samples.  I did this and found a new set that was much better for me.  The
comforts/silhouettes game me good readings but left an awful scar for each one
that took a month to fade (with a hard bump underneath).  I kept thinking I
would eventually run out of spots that didn't have hard bumps under the skin.
I now use the Ultra-Flex by Dis. with the 8mm cannula and still get good
readings but hardly even have a spot or a bump upon changing site.  It's worth
a try!  Now I know I won't run out of insertion spots with good absorption.

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