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[IP] Re: kids, attitudes, and testing

I agree, Barbara! I don't know who you were including in that 'parents' but I certainly hope I haven't given those impressions. I strive very hard not to be that way.

I would have to say that the majority of my daughter's behaviors are just typical kid behaviors (and to a degree, personality and temperament) and are *not* diabetes related. I don't blame the bgs very often - her behavior has to be pretty extreme and out of character for *her* before I do. In fact, the status of her bgs is not the first thing that comes to *my* mind when she does something (I am on other diabetes lists and am in the minority on that one.) It's just that when I *have* suspected the bgs, I've usually been right on (which reinforces my gut instinct). It helps that I have lots of kids to compare her behavior to. Kind of hard to blame something on diabetes when the siblings do/have done the exact
same thing. :)  I can relate to the poster who said that if they tested their bg every time they felt "off" they'd be testing every hour. Exactly! If I were to blame the bgs for every behavior, I'd be testing my daughter every minute some days! ;) But if I'm ever in doubt, I do have her test (we've always been told to do that).

I agree about the puberty thing too (just ask my kids...no kid gloves or pussyfooting here! LOL) My PS to Sylvia was just to make her aware that puberty may bring about more "bonuses" such as 'tude and moodiness that many teens experience (I remember being a teen very well LOL) to add to the stuff she's already dealing with.

take care, Kerri and Shannon-11, dxT1 11/96, pumping 11/99 and loving it!

Barbara said:
I'm getting the impression that parents think they can blame their kids' lousy behavior on the kids' diabetes.Come on now.  Sometimes they're just rotten kids.  : - )
>From reading everyone's posts, I can see that many of you feel that when a child goes through puberty, s(he) should be treated with kid gloves and pussyfooted around (grammar)!  Sorry, I just can't agree.  All stages of life bring problems.  I think our society makes too much of puberty. There's too much pampering going on in the name of.."oh, it's such a difficult time for him/her..."   (?)
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