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[IP] re: Child's behavior:when to know?

<<Sylvia wrote:
> Is there an answer to this, is it 'wise' to always just
> want to check BGs when in doubt?  Is that sending Josh a signal
> about attitudes and D.  ?  I want to be able to do the right thing
> to help my son grow and learn and understand, but I do stuggle with
> this! >>

I hadn't even thought about checking Luke from the perspective of
do we always attribute crankiness, etc. to DM.  I guess part of that
is because he's just 7, and he tests when we ask him to.  He's actually
a very pleasant person down to a bg of 35-40, so he notices the lows
more often than we do.  With highs, about half the time we notice that
he's extra cranky & sensitive to every look that his brother & sister 
give him.  But the other half of the time that he acts like that, his
bg is within range.  We ask him to check just to make sure that his
site is still working okay, and he hates the highs enough that he does
it so he can correct if necessary (he feels terrible if ketones develop).

Sounds like it's another thing we have to look forward to with puberty.
Fortunately, we get to experience puberty with Luke's brother (11) and
sister (8) first before we get puberty + DM.  An 11 year old boy can
sure EAT.

As always, you're being a very thoughtful parent for Josh.
Good luck,
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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