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Re: [IP] Sending son to dad's for court ordered visitation

In a message dated 1/17/2002 8:29:22 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Thanks so much for your advice.  I am printing this out to use as reference
>  when I talk to my attorney.

You're more than welcome, Sean.  One thing to remember that my attorney had 
to keep reminding me of : unless your EX has already shown that he will 
endanger your child, the court will do whatever it can to support him in 
having a relationship with your son (and the visitation schedule you 
mentioned sounds like a pretty typical one for when the parents live in 
different states --- a situation I was looking at at one point).  Basically, 
he gets the benefit of the doubt and gets the chance to screw up first (even 
though screwing up in the case of a child with diabetes can have such serious 
results) -- and who knows, maybe he'll surprise you and do a great job . . .

So, while spending time energy and money fighting the visitation schedule may 
be what you want to do, your son's interests (and health and safety) may best 
be served by devoting your time and resources to doing everything you can to 
ensure that he'll be safe and well cared for while he's with his father.  
Also, by taking that approach your ex may come to recognize (after learning 
about all the responsibility he'd be taking on) that three months is too much 
to take on for this summer and be much more open a more limited schedule, at 
least until your son gets a bit older.  

Take care,
Pumpmama to Katie
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