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Re: [IP] Sugarless Chocolate: Taste Test

Eddie wrote:
>>> They had just started making sugarless and didn't have a price list yet.
I ordered a bar of dark chocolate($7) and 9 selected assorted($15)with $15
handling and shipping, >>>

I wrote:
> > I got 1# 7 oz. Russell Stover Gift Box - assorted ($12.00) the week
after Christmas for $3.00. >>

Heidi wrote:
> Whitman's Sugar Free Sampler is also quite good,and only 8 carbs per
piece.Not sure if this is lower carb then the regular,but it tastes just as

The Stover's (real) was 3 pcs = 26 carbs. I add up Eddie's as $37.00 not
counting the trips to the bathroom. Mine was $3.00. My hugsband works too
hard for me to spend megabucks on fake candy and extra flushes. ;) YMMDV
(Your Mileage May Definitely Vary)  (~_^)

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