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Re: [IP] Re: Clicking pumps

On 17 Jan 2002 at 18:26, email @ redacted wrote:

> email @ redacted writes:
> Beverly A large bolus for me is 4.0 units And I was never told it leaked I
> could see insulin leaking out of the site! And yes we are talking about the
> (clicking noise). minimed's pump  dose click and it's slow not like the other
> pumps that can (rapidly inject) 30 units in 3mins. thats rapidly pumping it
> in. Any faster and it would be a garden hose lol :)
> don't you wish you had that ability sometimes....Mary's doesn't leak...even
> large bolus.....too bad yours did...I can't help but wonder if it had
> something to do with the site....but mostly i am glad you found one you like

The "leaking" sounds more like "tunnelling" to me.   I'd be quite hypo with that size of bolus no matter how long it took, 3 minutes or thirty.  Some people are sensitive to 
the pressure of fast boluses, some are sensitive to the noise of the clicking, and some are more sensitive to insulin.  YMMV.

George      :>)
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