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I know when my sugar gets below 65 I get very fuzzy headed, I am unable to 
think clearly and it takes a while after my sugar comes back up for my brain 
to catch up to the rest of my body.  

My husband tells me that when my sugar is extremely low (below 50) that I get 
very beligerant and like to argue with him about eating something or checking 
my sugar.

I wish I could blame this on being a teenager (I am 30) but I think it just 
comes along with the territory.  And of course, if I do go too low I don't 
remember a thing about it happening, so I get to listen to the stories about 
myself.  I actually think it is pretty funny, but I know it is not a funny 
situation when it is actually happening and he is trying to get me to eat 
some glucose tabs or drink juice.......

Just thought I would share my experiences with you mother's of teenagers to 
let you know that you are not alone!!

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