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Re: [IP] Sending son to dad's for court ordered visitation

My daughter goes to her dad's every other week (and even then, I have her 
before and after school weekdays those weeks), so my situation's somewhat 
different from yours.  BUT, I can definitely relate to your worries over 
whether your EX will be able to adequate care of your son while he's there.  

I think the biggest questions you need to answer is what kind of father your 
EX is and what kind of relationship do you have with him (can you talk about 
your son's needs)?  Also, has he cared for your son since his diagnosis?  The 
answers to these kinds questions will define how you will go about making 
sure that your son remains safe and healthy while he is with his father.  

For example, if you really can't talk to your ex without it turning into an 
argument, you might want to put together a package of written materials and 
videos about diabetes care and pump management to mail to him.  Or, consider 
having your CDE or pump rep contact him to arrange for a pump trainer in his 
area to give him training.

Once your son starts pumping, I think you'll be surprised how quickly your 
son, even though he's only 8, will become pretty self-sufficient with 
operating his pump, counting carbs, and doing set/cartiridge changes.  If you 
can focus on helping him to gain confidence in the mechanics of these things, 
then "training" your EX long distance gets simpler because you can focus on 
"decision making" types of care issues (what to do when he's low, high, etc.) 
instead of the details of "how" to do each little thing.

I hope this is at least a little bit helpful for you.  If you can tell me a 
little bit more about the situation, I can give you more detail about some of 
the materials I've given my EX . . . Good luck!

Pumpmama to katie
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