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Re: [IP] Child's behavior:when to know?

Sylvia -- thanks for bringing up such a great topic.  You've already gotten 
so much good input from other parents and pumpers ( I know I learned a lot!). 

One thing that I could add is what I do when Katie is suddenly inexplicably 
belligerent and I'm sure she must be high (because she's normally so easy 
going) is that I don't say a word (because it only escalates things) and 
simply walk away for a minute or even less.  

When I come back, I leave her meter w/ a strip in it  and her poker near 
wherever she is and walk away (again without saying a word).  She does her 
test and does her corrective bolus.  I come back by in a minute or two, pick 
up everything, put it away, log the test and the bolus, and then usually 
bring her something cold to drink.  I'm not sure how this little ritual 
evolved but it seems to work for us . . .

Checking for suspected lows don't seemed to be an issue for us.  In the 14 
months since dx, Katie's only had mild lows (in terms of symptoms and BGs) 
and since she's been pumping, they've been even milder and less frequent 
(knock on cyberwood).  Most of the time now, she catches herself heading low 
between 60 and 65 (and we've seen nothing less than 54 since she started 
pumping) because she starts to feel shaky and starving for no good reason.  
Even though she's only had mild lows, lows scare the heck out of her and she 
checks any time she suspects that she's heading towards one . . .

Pumpmama to Katie   
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