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[IP] IP] Re: kids, attitudes, and testing

>>> He has a disease, and that is that.  No arguments - deal with it.  It's
a lousy break; I know because I was a diabetic kid, too.  But I handled my
lows myself -  WAAYYY  before glucose meters, and I certainly didn't need my
parents tellling me to eat something sweet.  I knew.  It was my
responsibility to know.  However, if your son - or anybody, kid or adult -
sometimes doesn't get physical symptoms of lows/highs, then the obvious
answer is to test.  It needn't ruin his childhood or give him some sort of
"attitude" issue about diabetes. Diabetes impacted my childhood, but
certainly didn't ruin it.  You simply do what you have to do to resolve the
current problem, and that's it.>>>

BUT, back 47-51 years ago (for the poster and me - I was a kid then, too) we
had NO idea what our BG level was except for the one we had done at the lab
or dr's office once every 1-3 months. Pee tests didn't tell any kind of true
story. On the day-to-day things, we knew the symptoms of a low, but I know I
ran high most of the time due to the food-push of my mom and she smelled a
fruity-breath on me often. Back then, to our bodies if we ran a consistent
high, 150 could be *low*. Those high BGs DO affect behavior. I can tell my
behavior is sooooooo much better after home BG testing came along and the
DCCT determined better control helped in avoiding/delaying complications.
The brain function is ALSO better off. Wonder if they charted that during
the study?

This is a different age than what we went through more than 20 years ago
(before home BGs, A1c's, Humalog, and pumps). Yes, we have better tools
today, but problems and dilemmas still exist - just different ones. There
HAS to be a kinder way of saying get over it - or deal with it. We are all
of different temperaments and personalities. (~_^)

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