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Re: [IP] # hrs prior -- Kathy's right!

<< > Hi.  I am trying to understand why the "Pumping Insulin" book states
> that a basal rate should be changed 3-6 hrs prior to a rise or fall
> in bg readings.

What you are reading was written for REGULAR insulin. Guidelines for 
most people would dictate a change for regular (Velosulin) of about 2 
hours prior to  seeing the desired effect and for Novolog/Humalog 
about 1 hour.  >>

Hi all,

No, Kathy's reading it correctly.  On page 104 of PI, in the chapter summary, 
it says "With Humalog, change a basal rate 3 to 6 hours before the blood 
sugar begins to rise or fall."

I think it's a mistake, personally.  Earlier in the chapter, where he 
discusses both Humalog and Regular in the same paragraph, he gives this range 
of 3-6 hours.  I read that to be inclusive of both insulin types--the lower 
end for Humalog and the higher end for Regular.

My personal experience has been that about 2 hours prior is right.  One hour 
just doesn't do it for me.  YMMV.

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