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Re: [IP] Child's behavior:when to know?

 I think Josh did the best for himself by testing
> when he felt out of sorts.
> Great going Josh! You are taking care of yourself. 
> Testing is a great tool.:)
> Linda

Absolutely! Also remember that it's easy to get
frustrated and depressed when your numbers start going
really wacky and you can't figure out why. Your body
starts to feel like crap and the last thing you feel
like doing is testing because you know something is
probably not right. It sounds like Josh is going
through a frustrating time with these lows and I
swear, there should be a special name for the
depression that happens when things unexpectedly go
awry with blood glucose readings. It also can make one
feel "sick" or "different" from ones friends, when
usually the pump works so well one can forget they
have special needs. I hope poor Josh isn't going
through this, but I know I do at 28. I can only
imagine how the problem could be magnified for a
Keep up the amazing work Moms and Dads!

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