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Re: [IP] # hrs prior

<< I am trying to understand why the "Pumping Insulin" book states that a
basal rate should be changed 3-6 hrs prior to a rise or fall in bg readings.
If the Humalog is gone in 2-3 hrs, why shouldn't the rate change occur 2-3
hrs prior to the rise or fall?  What timing do most people use?  Thanks.
Kathy, mom to David, age 11. >>

Hi Kathy,

I checked the section of Pumping Insulin that you're referring to.  When 
Walsh gives the range "3 to 6 hours," he is referring to both Humalog and 
Regular insulin.  Thus, the low end of the range (3 hours) is for Humalog, 
while the upper end of the range is for people who use Regular insulin.

I adjust my own basals using a 2-3 hour range.

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