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Re:[IP] High BG During Disconnect?

[IP] High BG During Disconnect?
>I use silhouettes with a MiniMed 508.  So, before taking a shower in the morning, I bolus enough to cover the time I will be disconnected.  However, after my shower I prime the pump, reconnect, test my blood, and quite often I 
have a 50-60 point rise in blood glucose levels.  It doesn't seem to matter if I take my shower at 6am, 7am, or 10am... and it can be before or after I eat breakfast.  That same rise usually happens.  I can think of one time that it didn't... which I consider a fluke since I did nothing I hadn't done before.

What should I do about this rise and what could account for it?  

In reply to Stephen, 
i use silhouettes too on my 507C and have lately noticed the same thing when I swim each night, usu. for 50 minutes. Could it be decreased absorption due to the mini-bolus? I did what you asked about and started giving a slightly larger bolus just last night and it worked. My basal at 6 pm is 0.7 , so last night I gave 1.4 before swimming (bg=82) and when I reconnected bg=91. I must admit it scares me a bit to bolus that much before swimming 2300 yds, but I never felt low. I don't know if it will work the same again, but I plan to try tonight. Let me know if you guinea pig yourself and what you find.
D.C. Ward

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