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Re: [IP] # hrs prior

> Hi.  I am trying to understand why the "Pumping Insulin" book states
> that a basal rate should be changed 3-6 hrs prior to a rise or fall
> in bg readings.

What you are reading was written for REGULAR insulin. Guidelines for 
most people would dictate a change for regular (Velosulin) of about 2 
hours prior to  seeing the desired effect and for Novolog/Humalog 
about 1 hour.

You might find the on-line simulation tool useful to illustrate this 
effect and what might be expected for typical bloodsugar response to 
changes in basal rate.


"Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator"

> If the Humalog is gone in 2-3 hrs, why shouldn't the
> rate change occur 2-3 hrs prior to the rise or fall?  What timing do
> most people use?  Thanks. Kathy, mom to David, age 11.

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