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Re: [IP] High BG During Disconnect?

> Nope, this type of rise doesn't happen when I don't shower and don't
> disconnect.  Also, for instance, if I take my shower at 10am or
> later, I don't get the same rise earlier as if I would have taken my
> shower earlier.  It only occurs for the shower.
> Is it possible the infusion site itself needs to be "primed"?  Is my
> body somehow sucking the left over insulin out of the infusion site
> while disconnected and therefore, when I reconnect, there is still
> some empty space in the infusion site that needs to be primed?
> Is it possible that for whatever reason, my body reacts to the
> moving around as a stress on my system?  It seems like an unlikely
> possibility to me.
This is a pretty good possibility. There have been several reported 
instances of morning bg rises that are dependent on changes to 
routine on different days. Perhaps the "hot shower" just sets it off 
for you. I think it unlikely that the set or being disconnected for 
15 minutes can be linked conclusively to what you describe. 
Basically, if it is a repeatable and predictible phenomena, it sounds 
like you could bolus ahead of time for it and forget it. As they 
say..... "ours is not to reason why...."

> I might also add that since this happens so frequently, I am
> assuming this has happened on my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of my site. 
> So I think it is independent of an infusion site being too new or
> too old.
> Perhaps I should not shower, but disconnect anyway as if I were to
> take a shower.  I could do everything as if I were going to take a
> shower and see if I have this same sort of rise in levels.  (Don't
> worry... I'll take a shower afterwards!)

that's the way to do it. See if you can relate the effect back to the 
cause and eliminate the unknowns. Then you will be happier with the 
bolus and forget it solution.

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