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Re: [IP] Child's behavior:when to know?

> Okay everyone, especially you parents...I'm struggling tonight!  I'm
> dealing with those  AWFUL feelings of confusion, frustration,
> uncertaininty and, well, you know!  Anyway, right now I'm asking for
> some input on when to test and when not to. 
>  He is 40.  No mood, no temper, no attitude, just
> numbness and feels low.  And 40 is pretty low. So, ALL of you, give
> me insight.  Is there an answer to this, is it 'wise' to always just
> want to check BGs when in doubt?  Is that sending Josh a signal
> about attitudes and D.  ?  I want to be able to do the right thing
> to help my son grow and learn and understand, but I do stuggle with
> this!
Hi Sylvia,

Can't say that we ever found the "right" answer to the dilemma. 
Pushing adolescent "buttons" certainly doesn't help when they want to 
be in control. I've always taken the approach to just suggest and 
step back when one of those "moods" comes on, even though I know it 
could be (and usually is/was) bg swings causing the problem. Lily 
sometime gets moody when her bg's are too high as well. Quite 
frequently the polite suggestion is met with a snappy "I'm fine", but 
then she would later check to make sure, so the suggestion worked. I 
have always been prepared to intervene if necessary, but feel that if 
my child can retain her sense of control, that this is a better way. 
Remember that the control is not so much an issue of parent vs child 
as it is child vs diabetes. I think it is important to reinforce this 
view so the "child wins over diabetes" perspective is maintained 
whenever possible.

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