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Re: [IP] Child's behavior:when to know?

Sylvia, my motto is "when in doubt, check it out." :) A mother's instinct is a powerful thing. You said you've started
noticing tell-tale signs, I'd say that is proof right there. I can usually tell when Shannon's bgs are out of whack vs
typical kid behavior and will have her test (or do it myself) when I see anything unusual. If she is really high she will
act, well, "witchy" and lash out at everyone over the littlest things. If she is really low she will be ravenous and talk
about food all the time and/or be really silly. With both highs and lows, she is really sleepy. Basically, any behavior
that is out of character for *her* is suspect. I have the additional advantage of being able to compare her behavior to
her 7 siblings and a lot of things she does are things they've done/do so I know it is just normal. But there are times
when what she does seems extreme for the circumstances and way out of character so therefore, I test (and almost every
time, her bgs turn out to be either really high or really low). :) Does this help? Oh, and whoever it was that said
Sylvia is a wonderful parent, she is!!! :)

PS...don't forget - puberty is just around the corner for Josh so you might start seeing some new behaviors. Just what
you wanted to hear, right? ;)

take care, Kerri and Shannon-11, dxT1 11/96, pumping 11/99 and loving it
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