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[IP] "When to know..."

My son Jake, has different behaviors at different low numbers and there
really is not rhyme or reason to them.  He usually "feels" the low and
tests on his own, but when the low causes the belligerent, crabby,
tearful behavior, his reasoning is off, and I insist he test.  He usually
argues, yells, or complains, after testing, he treats, and usually finds
me to thank me for helping him, because usually, he was low.  He is very
mellow, shaky when he is in the 40's, and belligerent in the 60's.  His
stress level, especially at school causes tears and extreme highs.  I
feel like it is a constant teaching session with teachers and staff when
the stress causes the highs.  It is amazing the illnesses that stress can
either trigger or aggravate, and we are told to "calm down".  If it were
only that easy!Judy, mom to Jake, 13 --- Judith Brooks---
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