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[IP] Re: all quiet on the clicking front

I was interested to see that you are Canadian and are receiving the upgrade 
to the Paradigm offer.  Last March when I purchased Claire's pump, the offer 
was not open to Canadians and I know that other Canadians on this list have 
been interested in the upgrade and were denied it.  (For those of you, hope 
you were successful!)  When did Minimed make the offer to you?
     I bought Claire an H-tron pump instead, we have a blue pump AND a clear 
pump.  It doesn't click, but makes a very, very quiet bzzzz noise every 3 
minutes.  Sometimes in the middle of the night I lie beside her pump to make 
sure I hear that noise, to know that its working.  We love the H-tron.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> Thanks to all who responded to my query re: clicking 508 MM pump.  So, the
> Paradigm does NOT click (yay!).  I guess I'll stick with my "clicky" 508 
> for
> the next few months.  I tried my best to divert (with humour) people from
> "trashing" me for my "little" complaint".  Truth is:  when I pay $5,300
> Canadian Dollars for an insulin pump...which I must wear 24/7...I had hoped
> it would be silent until 
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