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Re: [IP] Sudden Onset

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From: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
>question is, how do you tell type1 vs type 2.  With such a sudden onset and
>such high numbers, he did not feel like oral would do the trick at all.
>I want to start pumping ASAP, but if it is T2 do I pump also?

You should ask the doc (endo if possible) to do antibody tests on you -- if
you are positive for antibodies, then that implies you're Type 1, especially
since you are the immediate relative of a Type 1. I think your doc did the
right thing recommending against orals -- first priority was to get your BGs
down and make you feel better. (Plus the orals are useless AGONY if they
don't work!)

I don't know anything about your family -- I don't know whether you have
Type 2 members as well -- but I DO know that there are a number of Type 2
pumpers out there, and I've heard really good opinions from several of them.

Me, I'm a Type WEIRD pumper, and I advocate it strongly for anyone who
really wants it!


Natalie ._c-
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