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Re: [IP] "Clicking" 508 makin' me crazy...

I definitely agree with you.  I have had my 508 for...oh, almost a year I 
guess, and I still have not gotten used to the clicking.  I never will.  
People look at me like I'm a ticking bomb ready to go off.  Sure, I'm not 
supposed to worry what other people think, and I generall don't... but it is 
anoying.  Sure, I know my bolus is working, but generally if the bolus 
doesn't work enough to stop the machine, I would know anyway.  My no 
delivery problems are usually with the basal rates not delivering and the no 
delivery alarm does not go off because it's such a small increment that it 
may not notice.  All IU have to say is...   UGH.

What about the deisetronic, do they click?

<I just got my 508 and the clicking is not

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