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[IP] Child's behavior:when to know?

Okay everyone, especially you parents...I'm struggling tonight!  I'm dealing 
with those  AWFUL feelings of confusion, frustration, uncertaininty and, 
well, you know!  Anyway, right now I'm asking for some input on when to test 
and when not to.  Let me explain.  Josh came tonight in tears.  He isn't 
usually prone to tears very often.  But he poked himself in the eye right 
before getting off the school bus (age 10 for those who are new) and it hurt. 
 But he couldn't shake it.  I'm immediately thinking he is low.  But I try to 
comfort him and make suggestions to help him feel better.  He even chooses to 
skip TaeKwon Doe class...!!!  Then his attitude gets real crappy...you know 
the type I mean, stomps around for no reason, huffs about being asked to do 
the simplest thing, everything gets blown out of proportion (tonight it was 
feeding the animals their dinner (2 dogs and 1 cat)  So now I definately know 
that he is 'off' and we need to find out for sure.  Actually this also 
happened last night too!  Anyway, I finally had to order him to check BGs, 
time for dinner anyway.  He is 64.  Now that isn't THAT low but obviously 
Josh is changing and things affect him differently these days.  Last night he 
was in the 60's also and refused dinner.  I made him start with a glass of 
'special' milk (milk with a little eggnog mixed in for flavor)  By the time 
he drank that he was ready to eat dinner.....
Well, here is my question/concern  how to you approach 'off' behavior without 
always seeming like you are 'blaming' diabetes?  This has ALWAYS been a hard 
one for me.  I don't want it to appear like D. is always the reason for 
certain behaviors, but let's face it folks, there are tell-tale signs I have 
started to recognize that there are definately different from 'normal' crappy 
attitudes.  And then just now, Josh is getting ready to go to bed and he very 
quietly states he is going to check because he is feeling "down".  He is 40.  
No mood, no temper, no attitude, just numbness and feels low.  And 40 is 
pretty low.
So, ALL of you, give me insight.  Is there an answer to this, is it 'wise' to 
always just want to check BGs when in doubt?  Is that sending Josh a signal 
about attitudes and D.  ?  I want to be able to do the right thing to help my 
son grow and learn and understand, but I do stuggle with this!


mom to Joshua
dxd 8/97, H-Tron 12/99  just turned 10 in Dec
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