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[IP] High BG During Disconnect?


I use silhouettes with a MiniMed 508.  So, before taking a shower in the 
morning, I bolus enough to cover the time I will be disconnected.  However, 
after my shower I prime the pump, reconnect, test my blood, and quite often I 
have a 50-60 point rise in blood glucose levels.  It doesn't seem to matter 
if I take my shower at 6am, 7am, or 10am... and it can be before or after I 
eat breakfast.  That same rise usually happens.  I can think of one time that 
it didn't... which I consider a fluke since I did nothing I hadn't done 

What should I do about this rise and what could account for it?  I'm trying 
to test my overnight and morning basal rates.  I suppose I could skip the 
shower in order to get an accurate test, but that would still not address the 
rise during my disconnect.

Should I simply increase my bolus so that I don't have this rise?  If so, I 
suppose I should skip showering during my basal testing in the morning?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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